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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I just thought I’d pop in from snowy Ottawa and share with you an update on what we’ve been up to.  

The week leading up to Christmas – pretty much from my Grandpa’s birthday and on was an absolute madhouse LOL!  Every year, this time of year I always seem to promise myself that NEXT year I’ll be more organized, NEXT year I’ll start my Christmas shopping EARLY, and be DONE by the end of November.  Of course, this year, like every other year before that, I never reached my goal.  Although I did buy a few gifts in November, it seems as though once again, the majority of our Christmas preparations happened the week and a half before Christmas. There were presents to buy and wrap, Christmas baking to do, presents for teachers, baking for class parties, end of the year school programs, preparations for hosting Christmas gatherings……and then in the midst of it all, a brand new furnace.  

On Christmas Eve, we discovered that the reason our house had seemed so cold this season is because our furnace was broken.  We hadn’t really clued in because our weather was relatively mild for this time of year, and our house is typically pretty cold anyways.  It wasn’t until Dec. 23rd, 10 pm when the temperature dropped outside and our thermostat registered 65 F that we realized there was a problem.  Thankfully we have a couple of gas fireplaces (one on the upper level and one on the main level) and about 4 electric heaters (the kind you plug in) so we were able to keep everyone warm.  

On Christmas Eve day though, in addition to all the last minute preparations we had a furnace service expert over.  After about an hour of trying different things (the furnace was giving all sorts of different error codes) – and nothing working – he discovered that the some industrious children had stuffed the furnace exhaust vent………..

…..full of rocks….and popsicle sticks…..and nerf darts…..and ring pops….and gravel…… and thanks to that, our heat exchanger was broken.  

So, on Christmas Eve afternoon, while wrapping presents I was multi-tasking and talking to a furnace sales rep buying a furnace….which ended up being delivered and installed yesterday.  So between Christmas and the 27th we heated our house with gas fireplaces and electric heaters – I can tell you I’m not looking forward to seeing our hydro bill 🙁  Once the installers arrived, we headed off to Ottawa to visit my parents and Soph and her family (we have some of Todd’s family staying at our house while we’re gone and supervising the install).

Our drive to Ottawa was quite the nightmare.  Normally it’s about a 5 1/2 hour drive, well because of snow, and snow plows and accidents all over the place it took us about 9 hours. And coming to Ottawa, was like entering the twighlight zone.  We went from NO snow where we are, to PILES of snow here in Ottawa.  Here you can see a snapshot of my dad’s backyard which I took from my iPhone.

So that’s where we’re at right now. We’re here until New Year’s Day and planning on relaxing, tobogganing, swimming (my dad has an indoor pool), and just enjoying time with family.

As to what is going on with Paper Crafter’s Library – we’re hoping to have everything transferred over by early in January.  At that time we’ve got a fantastic online brayering class featuring all Stampin’ Up! product we’ll be launching (full PCL members will get it as part of their membership).  We’ll also hopefully be back in full swing to posting regularly here again.  With all the website work I’ve had to do in the last month I just haven’t had much time to anything besides work on the new site, and create and film projects for Paper Crafter’s Library.  

I hope you all have a great New Year’s.  I’ll be popping in with some more updates now and again.

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