Whew!  Is it really Friday?  I had of course intended to have a project to post for today but unfortunately that didn’t materialize. Rather than leaving you hanging – having to keep checking back on whether or not I posted, I decided I’d pop in and share a quick update on what I’ve been up to and what’s coming up.  In my Tuesday post I mentioned to you that we have a new online course coming up called Beautiful Brayer Workshop which is a course that uses only Stampin’ Up! products.  I had hoped to be able to open registration by the end of this week/early next week – but it looks like it’s going to be delayed – although hopefully not for too long.

The long and the short of it is that Paper Crafter’s Library – where I and my team do pretty much all our online teaching – whether it be online classes, clubs, or the library itself – is going to be undergoing some HUGE renovations.  Namely we are in the process of  developing a site where we are going to host ALL our online learning both free and paid.  Things like our online classes, our Stampin’ Up! Video Gallery, our Paper Crafter’s Library video library, even the blog.  That entails building the site, adding in our new content (the online classes and other new features) as well as moving all of our current PCL content to it’s new home.

Our new site is going to be WordPress-based rather than what we have now. Why?  Because WordPress offers so much more functionality – we’re going to be able to offer our members, our class participants and even our every day blog readers some amazing features which we just can’t do with the software we are currently using. I’m super excited about it, but at the same time kinda overwhelmed.  Given that in Paper Crafter’s Library alone we have over 1000 videos, I’m sure you can image what a HUGE amount of work it’s going to be to get everything moved over.  

As I mentioned above, this new site is going to become the home of our online classes (along with all the other things I talked about) including the Beautiful Brayer Online Class.  Now I’m obviously not planning on waiting until the entire site is finished to launch the online class (or you’d be waiting months), but I am trying to at least get the online class set up on the new site so that we are starting “right”, and so that I won’t later have to move the content and the class participants to another location.  

In reading that, I don’t know if you picked up on the word “I” – yep!  I mean that literally – I am the one building the site.  My original web designer who set up Sunny Stampin’ does not have the time as she is engaged in other major web projects. The other person I was hoping would help me, who had indicated as much when I spoke with her back in August (although at that time the scope of the project wasn’t quite as large) – has pretty much dropped off the face of the earth.  She has not returned any of my emails.  So, in desperation, I decided to dive right in and do it myself.  It’s a bit slow going simply because it’s web design at a whole new level for me.

All that to say, as I work on getting things up and running, you may not see me online quite as much.  I am still going to try to post my Tuesdays and Fridays here, but if for some reason I can’t make a day, I’ll let you know. It is my hope that registration for Beautiful Brayer will open in the next 2 weeks or so, and (crossing my fingers and praying here) – I’ll be able to launch our brand new location early in the new year.

So that’s all for now- I’ll see you guys again on Tuesday.