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Welcome to another Art Journal Express – a free video tutorial series where I show you how I created one of my art journal pages from start to finish. Each and every Art Journal Express video tutorial is in “fast forward” mode and then narrated so that you can see each and every step and hear my thoughts behind my process without having to sit through a loooong video.

Today’s art journal page is based on a quote and accompanying thought I posted on my “A Fierce Fabulous Life” Facebook Page in which I talked about the fact that we often let limiting beliefs about ourselves become the biggest obstacles to making our dreams a reality. If you’re interested in seeing that post and the photo I put together with the quote,  you can do so HERE.

I had styled the quote and created that post because the underlying message was one that has been on my heart for awhile now.  And whenever something is on my mind and I feel as though I need to process it more, I will pull out my art journal and create a page around that thought or emotion.

The Walls That Caged Me Art Journal Page Close Up by Andrea Walford

Even though the page does not have my usual bright pop of colour – I love it.  Maybe because it is so antiqued and aged looking it has a retrospective and reflective feel to it.

I used quite a few different techniques on this page.  Because the quote was obviously talking about walls, I wanted to create a wall.  But the wall I wanted to create was not precisely a pure brick wall, but rather a type of wall I saw on some old homes in Italy, and I believe Greece as well, where it looked as through brick was emerging through plaster.  So I started off by placing a thin layer of modeling paste on my page with a palette knife which when dried, looked like the textured surface of an old plastered wall. I then incorporated additional techniques including tinting modeling paste and applying it through a stencil, and creating several layers of glazes which were painted and then pulled back over the surface.  I talk about all these techniques and show you exactly how I did them in the video tutorial.

You can see a close up of the page here:

The Walls That Caged Me Art Journal Page by Andrea Walford - Full Page

Here’s a snapshot of the supplies I used:

The Walls That Caged Me Art Journal Page Supplies

 Supplies: Quinacridone Burnt Orange, Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold, Teal, Titan Buff, Titanium White Fluid Acrylics, Cobalt Titinate Green Heavy Bodied Acrylic, Gesso, Acrylic Glazing Liquid Satin, Polymer Medium Gloss (Golden); Light Modeling Paste, Matte Gel (Liquitex); Bombay Black India Ink (Dr. Ph Martin); Solar Gold Silk Acrylic Glaze (Dreaming in Color); Stencil (Donna Downey/Prima – Retired); Palette knife, tissue paper

One thing I don’t show which I do make mention of in the video is the actual main sentiment or thought on the page.  The sentiment is based on a quote which I styled using a variety of different fonts and then printed out onto tissue paper.  I did this for a few reasons – I LOVE quotes, I LOVE fonts, and I LOVE big sentiments on my art journal pages.  I find it very finicky to try to create sentiments like this using stamps or rub-ons or stickers because the size/fonts are limited, it’s time consuming and a pain in the neck.  That said, printing sentiments on tissue paper and using them the way I did, has it’s own issues which I talk about below.

First off, you can’t just feed tissue paper through your printer because it is too fragile.  I essentially wrapped tissue paper around a sheet of copy paper.  I started by cutting a piece of tissue paper that was a few inches bigger than my 8 1/2 x 11 paper.  I laid my copy paper on top of the tissue paper so that it was facing the shiny side of the tissue paper.  I then carefully folded the top and bottom edges of the tissue paper over the copy paper and taped them down using Scotch tape.  I then folded in the left and right edges of the tissue paper – but first, I cut the excess tissue paper that was overhanging the top and bottom folds in order to reduce the bulk.  I then taped the left and right edges of the tissue paper down.

A second note.  I have both an inkjet printer and a type of laser printer.  I tried printing both and then brushing gel medium over top as an experiment to see how the ink would react to the medium.  The laser printer was fine, but the inkjet printer smeared. So for collage purposes, in the way in which I used it in this page, I only suggest using printed sentiments if you can find a way to get them printed on a laser printer.  Or at the very least, print it out with your printer and then test it with medium BEFORE you actually apply it to your page.

So long story short, if you can’t make it work then you’ll have to make do with stamps, rub-ons, stickers, stencils or your own handwriting.

Here’s the video tutorial:

Here’s a snapshot of the two page spread – I am working in my Dylusions journal and I always use the right side for journaling and the left side to list the supplies and make notes on what I did in case I want to use the techniques on other mixed media pieces.

The Walls That Caged Me Art Journal Page by Andrea Walford - Double Page

I hope you enjoyed today’s video tutorial. If you haven’t already, please be sure to subscribe to the  You Tube Channel I’ve created specifically for the Art of Simple blog HERE so that you don’t miss a single issue of Art Journal Express.

Also, I’m re-starting  posting to my Andrea Walford Designs Facebook Page. I encourage you to “like” my page, as I’ll be sharing exclusive content that you won’t find here – including pictures of some of my other art work (art journal pages, etc), tips and techniques I find around the web, and the occasional Facebook only video tutorial.  That Facebook Page won’t just be art journaling and mixed media – I will be posting some card creations as well.

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