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ArtJournalExpressLogoHappy Monday everyone!  Welcome to another edition of  Art Journal Express – a free weekly video tutorial series posted each Monday where I show you how I created one of my art journal pages from start to finish. Because a typical art journal page takes between 20 minutes to an hour for me to create – which makes for a super long video to upload to You Tube, and for you to watch – the video clips are sped up. .  So the video clips are sped up, rather than having you watch what I’m doing in real time – hence the word “express” in Art Journal Express. However, what makes these video tutorials different from most of the “sped up” art journaling video tutorials out there is that I narrated for you exactly what I’m doing and what I’m using – that way, even though you’re watching a “fast forward” version, you don’t miss a single detail.

Today’s page is called “Come Fly With Me”.


This page for me was an exploration of simple colour, simple textures and simple imagery.  The butterfly is very symbolic for me – I see the butterfly as a two fold message for me.  One is to be patient with myself.  Whenever I am unhappy with who I am or where I am in life, I need to consider the caterpillar.  A caterpillar has no control over how long it takes to transform into a butterfly – so I have no control in how long it takes me to transform into the person that God wants me to be, and that I want to be.   I simply need to live my life to the best of my abilities, do my best to follow God’s leading for me, and trust that I will transform in God’s time.  The message I hear when I consider the butterfly is that I have been blessed with wings and that rather than looking down – at life’s troubles, stresses, etc. – I need to focus upwards – to take the gifts I’ve been give and the person I am, and fly to the best of my abilities. This page is my reminder of those messages.

The journal that I’m working in is my Dylusions journal which you can see pictured below – and it’s the large Dylusions journal.  This will likely be the journal that I use for every one of my Art Journal Express Video tutorials is this is my current go-to journal or what I call my “working” journal.


Below is a photo of the supplies I used for this page – a combination of acrylic paints, india ink, stamps and rub-ons.


Here are the exact supplies I used for this page:  Gesso (Golden); Gel Medium Matte (Liquitex); Terminology Tissue Paper (Tim Holtz Idea-ology); Jet Black Archival Ink (Ranger); Black Bombay India Ink (Dr. Ph Martin); Lemon Metallic Mist (Maya Road); She Did It Anyway stamp (Melody Ross & Unity); butterfly stamp (LaBlanche); Extra Fine poster paint pen (Sharpie); Permaball Pen (Pilot – purchased from Scarlet Lime store); Hexagon Grunge 12″ x 12″ stencil (Donna Downey & Prima); Pitt Artist Pen Cold Grey III 232 & Warm Grey 111 272 (Faber-Castell);

Here’s the video tutorial on how I made this page:

Here’s a close up of the page:


And here’s what the two page “spread” looks like in my art journal.  My preference has become to use the right page for my art journaling because I know that the pages are flat underneath as they are still untouched so anything I stamp will stamp pretty clear.  The other side of the 2 page “spread” – typically the left page – I use to list the supplies I used and for any directions/notes I want to remember about my page or the creative process or the supplies.


I hope you enjoyed today’s video tutorial.  If you haven’t already, please be sure to subscribe to the new You Tube Channel I’ve created specifically for the Art of Simple blog. While I am going to continue to post videos to my existing channel – for Paper Crafter’s Library, this new channel is where I’m going to be posting the Art Journal Express videos as well as any other video tutorials I create as part of this blog.  So please take a minute to subscribe to my new channel HERE.

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