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“It will all be okay”

Have you ever had someone say that to you when you felt as though you were in the midst of challenging times? It sounds so trite – yet at the same time I’ve found that in my own life – from my own personal experiences – it’s been very true.  And recently – well, for the last 6-8 months – it’s a reminder I’ve needed over and over again.

Maybe you’re someplace in your life where you need that reminder too – that’s why I decided to share with you this art journal page (and my heart thoughts behind it) which I created back in October, even though I don’t have an “Art Journal Express” video tutorial for this page.


I’m in a place of transition right now and admittedly it’s a pretty scary place to be.  I hate the unknown – in fact I’ve always hated the unknown.  I’m the kind of person that likes to know the ending of a book before I read it or a movie before I watch it – not necessarily the specifics  – what I want to know is whether it has a happy ending or not.

It’s become somewhat of a joke amongst my family and friends as they’ve watched movies with me over the years. I spent years trying to convince them that I really did need to know and it wouldn’t “spoil” the movie or book for me. In fact I kept trying to tell them that THEY would be happier telling me what happens since I’d stop bugging them about it if they just told me :).  Despite my best efforts, to this day only my husband and sister will “spill” for me.

Now you may be wondering –  what do I do with that information?  You see, I know myself pretty well – I get very emotionally invested in the books I read and movies I watch.  I also tend to get very attached to the main characters (unless of course they’re jerks LOL).  So if I know that the main character dies or there is some other unpleasant outcome…I won’t bother watching the movie or reading the book.  My philosophy is that life already has enough unpleasant circumstances and situations – so why read about it, or watch movies about it?

A great example is the Hunger Games. I had heard that they were great books.  I didn’t know anyone who had read them, and I was bored and needed some new reading material – so I decided to read them.  I absolutely loved books 1 and 2.  I HATED book 3.  From virtually start to finish that book made me mad.  Gale made me mad. Katniss made me mad.  Even Peta made me mad (now I won’t say more than that since I don’t want to spoil the book for you if you haven’t read it and you are the kind of person who hates spoilers).

Suffice it to say I haven’t bothered watching any of the movies because I already know I’m going to hate the way the series ends – so why waste my time?  Same goes for the Divergent books. I loved the books…. up until the last few chapters of the third book – the ending made me mad.  So, I’ve already decided again, I’m not going to bother investing my time in watching the Divergent series of movies.

What I can say?  I’m weird like that LOL.

So going back to transitions.  The problem with transitions is that there is no one that can tell you how it’s going to end.  There is no one that can even tell you that you need to go with choice A vs choice B or C because the outcome will be better.  So I’ve been agonizing.  Too much. For months and months and months.

Which is why I’ve needed the message from this page…I needed the reminder that whatever I decide to choose, wherever I go, ultimately “It will all be okay”. So I need to stop worrying, stop agonizing, and start moving.

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