Stampin’ Up! Video Tutorial | Scribbly Flowers Thank You Card

I am so excited!  Before I share today’s Stampin’ Up! video tutorial I wanted to share some exciting news! If you’ve followed me for awhile then you know that I was a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator from 2006-2011. From the end of 2007 until 2011, I was posting all my Stampin’ Up! projects to my Sunny Stampin’ blog (which was here on In 2013, when I shut down my site on this domain and moved my blog, I thought that I had lost everything. (more…)

Today Not Someday

As I have been moving content from my various blogs over to my new online home, I came across this post that I wrote a year ago when I was getting ready to launch a vision for a business I had called FIERCE Nation Inc.  After I wrote it, life took an unexpected twist, which threw me back into “someday” mode, and put all my plans for that business on hold. 

While I was  devastated at the time, feeling like my plans were crumbling around me, in retrospect, the outcome ended up actually being better because I am in a much better place now, and I am finally feeling like I am on my way to re-building the RIGHT online business for me – one that falls within my vision and purpose, yet better fits the season of life I’m in and my current priorities. 

Although I know that path I chose to follow this past year was necessary, looking back now, I realize that I didn’t have to remain stuck there for as long as I did. 

As I read through this post, what surprised me is that this post was essentially almost an exact snapshot of where I am in my life right now. Which is why I decided to update it slightly and share it with you.

So here it is:

We want to do it today, but we just can’t seem to make it work.

So we begin thinking about doing it tomorrow.

But when tomorrow comes, nothing has changed. It seems just as impossible as it did yesterday.

Instead of thinking about how we can make the seemingly impossible possible, we keep pushing it off.

Next week, next month, or maybe next year.

The days pass, and nothing changes (because of course we haven’t changed anything), so we keep pushing it further and further into the future.

Telling ourselves that “someday” things will change. (more…)

Welcome to my new online home!

Andrea Walford Blog Home PageWell, it’s not perfect. In fact it’s far from ready – but it’s mine, and I love it!  Yes, I’m talking about my “new”/”old” blog!  “Old” because this domain was the home of my original blog when I ventured online for the very first time waaaaay back in 2006. And it continued to be my online home all the way up until about 2012, when I somehow got hacked or got a virus (who really knows) and I pretty much lost everything.  Yep, everything. All my content, all my posts, all my creations. Gone.  ETA (Feb 7) : my sweet friend and go-to-web expert was able to restore everything so it is all here!

Then from about 2011 until the end of 2015 I had several online homes –,, and for a time  Each blog was the result of it’s own vision, and each had it’s own purpose.

I’m sure you can already guess what a disaster that was. I have no idea what on earth I was thinking. Who can be in that many places at once?

Which brings me to this blog.  My “new” blog.  I’m back again on and this time, it’s to stay.  Everything I do will be posted here. And I mean EVERYTHING.

That means that you’ll be seeing my Stampin’ Up! creations (yes, I am once again a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator), my mixed media creations, my digital creations, any scrapbooking or 3D papercrafting I do……In fact, I’ve already migrated my posts from the Sunny Stampin’ blog and the Andrea Walford Designs blog here. I’ll be adding in some of my older content as well (eventually). (more…)

Letting Go & Letting In

Jan 2017 *** This was a post I published in Jan 2016 on one of my other blogs and migrated it over here*

With the dawn of 2016 I am finding myself feeling torn between conflicting emotions.

I am exhilarated, yet I am also scared out of my mind.

I am filled with anticipation, yet I am also feeling lost.

And I honestly can’t tell you which of these feelings is stronger right now.

For me, 2016 will be a year of both letting go and letting in.

It all started 4 months ago when I finally made a difficult decision that I knew would dramatically change the direction of my life. (more…)