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Donna Downey Studios Artist Gang 2015: “She Is Clothed In Strength” Mixed Media Video Tutorial


Welcome to another Donna Downey Studios Artist Gang Tuesday! For this month’s project I decided to create an inspirational piece of artwork that I could frame.  Now instead of working on a canvas, because I knew I wanted to work with my water colors,  I decided to work on some 140 lb Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper which I cut to 9″ x 12″. (more…)

The Story Behind My Donna Downey Studios Artist Gang 2015: “Art Is” 12″ x 12″ Mixed Media Canvas Video Tutorial


One of the most challenging aspects of being an artist (or really, any type of a creative), is “finding your voice”.  Now I have found that most people use that term to refer to finding their unique style.  In my own personal journey and evolution as an artist – “finding my voice” has had nothing to do with developing my style.

As I learn and grow and develop my skills as an artist, my style is continually changing and evolving – in fact even after spending the last 5 years delving into the world of mixed media, I am still not sure that I have totally settled on a style that I would consider to be uniquely mine. The way in which my “voice” has been expressing itself through my art on the other hand, has been growing in strength and in clarity. (more…)

Donna Downey Studios Artist Gang 2015: “Trust The Timing” Art Journal Page Video Tutorial


Have you every felt completely overwhelmed with where your life is at?

You lie in bed at night thankful the day is over, but at the same knowing that tomorrow will bring more of the same?

It’s not easy, but you’re managing to hold your own. In fact, you’re actually starting to pull yourself out of the muck, and learning how to handle your “new normal”…..

but then something else gets thrown your way… (more…)

Donna Downey Studios Artist Gang 2015: “She Chooses To See” 12 x 16 canvas


Happy Tuesday! I am absolutely thrilled to be bringing you my first video tutorial as a Donna Downey Studios Artist Gang 2015 member!  You can see my post on Donna’s blog HERE along with all past Artist Gang posts.

I don’t know about you, but I find that firsts are always hard – especially with something like this. Although I have been art journaling and creating mixed media pieces for about 3 years now, Donna’s Artist Gang is the first “design team” I have ever applied for, and having been accepted -YAY! – is the first “design team” I’ve ever been a part of.  By the way, in case you’re wondering, I use the words “design team” in quotes, because Donna absolutely HATES the words “design team” LOL.  So – we are called her Artist Gang:

def: a group of hard core, fearless artists, working together and love getting their hands dirty!

Let me tell you it’s a darn cool Gang to be a part of! (more…)

“Scraps of My Life” Project

Scraps of My Life - Title Page - by Andrea Walford

Today I wanted to share with you a new project I recently started which I am calling “Scraps of My Life”.


It’s going to be my place where I will document my stories and the bits and pieces of my life. Things that I like, things that I don’t like, my routines, my everyday, my ordinary, my extraordinary, what I think about, what I struggle with, my successes, my failures.

I find that I get so busy living life, that days, weeks and months pass in a blur.  When you’re always in fast forward it’s hard to appreciate life, it’s hard to appreciate your blessings, it’s hard to learn and to grow from your mistakes. That’s why I’m hoping that this project will really help me slow down, pay attention and bring what’s important back into focus.


Art Journal Conversations with Ronda Palazzari

Art Journal Conversations with Ronda Palazzari

I am so excited and honoured to have been invited to be a guest on Ronda Palazzari’s Art Journal Conversations blog feature.

I first met Ronda at the Maya Road booth at CHA in Anaheim – I believe it was in 2011 – around the time that I had launched Paper Crafter’s Library.  It was my first CHA and of course I was having the time of my life.  I vividly remember when I first stepped into the Maya Road booth – I had never seen anything like it. The artwork showcasing the Maya Road products was outstanding – but I remember there was one particular artist’s work that absolutely captivated me.

I spent hours in the Maya Road booth soaking it all in, taking tons of photographs.  Imagine my delight when I got to meet the artist.  Of course I peppered her with questions about what mediums she had used and how she had done it.  At the time I was still in the “totally captivated by, but scared to death of mixed media phase”.  She was so patient and so friendly and she didn’t mind my questions at all.  I was in awe of her.

That was my first experience meeting Ronda.  Over the years since then I’ve followed Ronda’s blog and we’ve featured her a number of times as part of the Paper Crafter’s Library Featured Artist/Designer Spotlight. I consider Ronda to be one of my “art mentors” – as I’ve learned a lot in following her blog and reading her book and trying out what she has shared in my own artwork.

I would like to extend a big thanks to Ronda for her invitation.  I hope you pop on over and check out the feature.