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Well, I’m sad to say my Art-venture is officially over.  I arrived back home late last night and have spent most of the day playing catch-up.  While I love the independence and flexibility that being a creative online business owner brings, it has it’s downsides as well – which is that there is always work waiting for you – you can take a vacation, but the work doesn’t LOL!

Before I tell you about my last day I do want to thank all of your for your prayers for Zach’s foot – please keep praying for Zach as we still don’t know what’s going on. The Cambridge Memorial Hospital (our local hospital) is totally useless  (which we discovered when we took my second youngest son in for stitches on his chin a few months ago).  My husband said the doctor was very rude and abrupt with Zach.  He didn’t listen to a thing they said. He sent Zach for an x-ray and then said everything was fine.  Well, X-rays are designed to see bones, not soft tissue and the issue has not been with Zach’s bones in his feet.  He has had swelling on and off for almost a year now which doesn’t seem to have been “triggered” by anything. The night Todd took him to the hospital was the worst it had ever been – he was in so much pain he was in tears.  And I know my kid – he doesn’t “cry wolf”, so frankly it makes me mad that the doctor would be so dismissive.  I have booked an appointment with our pediatrician for Wednesday so, I’ll keep you all posted as I know more. So on to Donna’s event……

Sunday is always the last day of Donna Downey’s workshops and is typically only a half day.  Donna’s mom (affectionately called “Grandma Cookie” by her grandkids) made a yummy breakfast of mini quiche’s and a unique little pancake that was about the same size and shape as a mini quich – it had a little dip at the top that you could fill with fruit, yogurt, granola, maple syrup, homemade apricot butter – your choice.  Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures.

Since I had finished my book on Saturday, I spend Sunday morning socializing with my classmates and admiring their work.  Here’s a picture of our whole group – each with their own books.  As you can probably tell, just about everyone had a raven on the front of their book because that is the image DJ Pettitt gave us to work with – that’s the image she taught her technique with.  One of my fellow artists – Jacquie – altered a photo of her mother and did a phenomenal job -you can see her in the back row second from the right – but I’ll show you a close up of her book.

I asked some of my classmates for their permission to show you their books here on my blog and they graciously agreed. First up is Jacquie Valdespino’s book – absolutely incredible as you can see. I just loved the stylized way in which she altered her mother’s image. Jacquie is a lawyer in Florida, and does not have a craft blog or FB page that I could share with you.

Jacquie's Book

Next up is Eleyna’s book – she was leaving just as I took a picture of her with her book so I didn’t have a chance to ask her her last name or whether or not she had a blog. I also don’t think I spelled her name quite right either (sorry Eleyna – if you’re reading this and can email me your full name and blog to [email protected] I’ll update this).  I sat beside Eleyna and across from Jacquie at dinner on Saturday night – they were both so funny I could not stop laughing.


Here is Cassia Holanda with her book.  We sat at the same table -she was loads of fun.


Here is Eileen Bellomo.  I sat near Eileen at dinner and had the opportunity to chat with her a bit – loved her!


Here is Angie Rich – she sat on my other side at dinner – a lot of fun to talk to as well.  As you can see from the second photo, Angie chose a primarily teal and purple color scheme which I loved.



Here is Cindy’s book – I really had a chance to meet her and speak with her at dinner Saturday as well – I just loved the whimsical touches she added to her book. She incorporated a lot of neat little touches onto the inside pages of her book – which I didn’t take the time to do with mine.


Here is Gretchen Portwood’s book – she and I sat next to each other all weekend during the workshop.  She is super sweet. If it weren’t for her, I probably wouldn’t have been able to get my sewing machine going as I kept having issues with the bobbin jamming. Although it’s a little hard to tell from the image, Gretchen added a lot of beautiful Vintage touches to her book.


Of course, everyone’s book was unique and beautiful – I just didn’t have time to take a picture of everyone with their books to share with you. It was very interesting to see how everyone could start with the same project and take it in different directions.

Finally, here’s a picture of myself, Donna Downey and DJ Pettitt – a little blurry, but it’s the only one I have.


All in all I had a phenomenal time and I’m already planning my next trip to Donna’s next year when she brings in Mindy Lacefield.  I feel refreshed and inspired and as though my creativity got the boost it needed!







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