Logically, you know that it has to be done OR maybe sometimes you don’t have a choice.  Then again, maybe you go into it “knowing” what to expect, but then discover that “knowing” and actually living it, are two different things.  And of course, there are those things that you go into eyes wide open, knowing that it’s probably not the best time, but defying logic and doing it anyways.

For the last little while, I’ve been experience a little bit of all the above.  For the most part, it hasn’t been any ONE big thing (thank the Lord), but put all together, I’ve been feeling kind of overwhelmed.

As most of you know, my business has undergone some HUGE changes in the last 6 months.  Not that long ago I was a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, very SU focused – and loving it. And to be honest with you, there are a lot of things I really miss about it – the biggest of which was being involved in the worldwide community of demonstrators.  As I was re-organizing my studio (which I’ll share with you in a minute) I came across a picture from Founder’s Circle which I attended this past September.  It was the whole group of us, all dressed in our jammies. It brought tears to my eyes –  I now have it sitting by my computer, and not a day goes by that I don’t look at it, and remember.  I really miss all of you lovely ladies!

Now, I’m the Creative Director and Founder of Paper Crafter’s Library – a huge membership site for paper crafters, featuring an online library of paper crafting video tutorials.  While I absolutely love what I’m doing, and wouldn’t change a thing, I also feel really overwhelmed some days. Never in a million years did I anticipate the overwhelming success of the site.  And of course, with that, the massive increase in workload.  In the last month I pretty much had to double my staff because we just weren’t able to keep up with the work.

Now I’ve never really offically “hired” someone before.  Everyone that’s worked for me has always started out as a friend or relative. I never realized how intense and time consuming the process of interviewing, hiring and training was/is. I keep telling myself that I’m moving in the right direction, and that things often get more challenging before they get better. And logically, I know that this is true, but emotionally, it’s so hard not to feel like I’m moving backwards.

Especially when not long after I finally get through the hiring process, I embark on a whole round of issues with my server and my internet. I was all excitied that I had hired a great video editor in California, without anticipating the issues I was going to have actually getting the videos to him. We Canadians are not as lucky as our American friends with regards to internet.  We have very few choices. 

Because my existing internet couldn’t handle it, I upgraded to a business internet through Rogers.  It was a calculated decision because it was supposed to more than quadruple my upload speed, except that it was triple the price. Which would have been a bit more palatable had everything gone smoothly. 

Instead, not even one week into my new internet service, it went down. I would have internet for maybe a few hours during the day, and the rest of the time, I had none. And despite repeatedly speaking with Rogers about the urgency of the situation (I AM a 100% online business after all) – they could only schedule me an appointment for 7 days out! 

After spending several hours on the phone, every day for about 4 days, escalating it up multiple levels of the corporation, I got an appointment…5 days out. So, all last week, I pretty much had no internet – other than a few unpredictable hours here and there.  It seems to be fixed now (fingers crossed).  But the outcome of the story is, that I HATE Rogers.  Their customer service is AWFUL!  Unfortunately I don’t really have any other options, otherwise, I’d be outta there!  So that’s why you didn’t hear from me most of last week.

Of course with our expansion, I had this sudden “need” to reorganize – not just my studio – ’cause that would be too simple don’t ya know – but the whole house! In my defense, it’s been something I’ve been needing to do for a few summers now (the house part), and with regards to the studio, it’s been something that I know will make my crafting life a whole lot easier.

I’m making the move from “beautiful” to “functional”. You may remember what my studio looked like before (you can see it here).  I’ve replaced some of that with some shelving from Uline which is very similar to what’s used in warehouses.  So far, I’ve purchased and set up two of the shelving systems, but I’m loving it so much (and of I’ve filled them up already), so I’m contemplating buying a couple more.

 It’s positioned right beside my work table so everything is readily at hand.  It’s fantastic – not beautiful, but amazingly functional!  No more digging through cupboards or stacking and unstacking plastic containers to find what I’m looking for.  I just pull my bin off the shelf and bring it right to my table, or just grab what I need.  Clean-up is also a breeze, because I just dump it back into the right bin.

So, remember the reference to the “knowing” versus “living”?  Here’s the culprit:

An adorable, 4 lb bundle of trouble named Ginger – our pom-poo.  For those of you that have never owned dogs (and I never have before Ginger) – it’s unbelievably like having a newborn baby!  I feel like a brand new mom again!  The crazy thing is that when Soph was talking about getting a dog this past March, I told her she was nuts! To quote myself “you’re a mother of young children with a travelling husband – what are you thinking?”  Hello pot?  This is kettle!  Who would have thought that not even two months later, that would be me!  I blame my husband though.  He caved first.  He just couldn’t resist our daughter’s tears and my grandpa’s not-so-subtle hints.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Ginger.  But I suspect it’s going to be one of those same things you tell yourself when your kids are driving you nuts – “it’ll be worth it someday!”  So far, Ginger has pooped indoors (on the carpet of course) about as much as she’d pooped outdoors.  It’s definitely not that we don’t take her out enough, ’cause we’re out a LOT.  Ginger will pee and do one poop, and then just when you think you’re okay and you bring her in, not 5 minutes later, she’s pooping inside.  GRRRRR!

It’s also a schedule thing.  I’m a very focused person.  When I get going working on a project, it’s very hard for me to have to interrupt what I’m doing – especially when I know it involves standing outside, sometimes for a half an hour or more, waiting for Ginger to do her business.  So that’s taken a lot of getting used to.

I think the “icing” on the cake for me – well the “rotten icing” I suppose, is that with all the “stuff” that’s been going on, I’ve had very little time to create.  Art makes me happy. Creating makes me happy. Since I haven’t really had any time to create, it’s made me grumpy…in fact, it’s made me feel like my mojo is buried somewhere in Ginger’s poop.

Anways, enough blabbing!  Thank you so much for listening.  I actually feel a lot better now 🙂 

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