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I just love this stamp set, and I don’t know why I did not get it sooner.  They are so whimsical and cute!  Well to match their cuteness, I had to get something that was a little on the cute side too.  The card itself is easy to make, but just a little time consuming with all the steps!  There is no video today since the most difficult thing here is cutting, and some how I did not think that you would be interested in watching a whole video on me cutting!  The other thing is that I am really strapped for time lately.  lot’s of upcoming projects as well as a move to plan for.  Our house is officially going on the market this week and I am attempting to Feng Shue (not sure how to spell that) my house.  Essentially I am trying to hide years of clutter!  Well I do hope you enjoy the card, and I look forward to sharing with your again 🙂

Download Handout Here


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