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A Good Egg Easter Matchbook

Don’t you just LOVE dollar stores?  Yesterday afternoon I was at our local Dollarama and they had the most adorable variety of Easter Treats – so different from what you find in your typical grocery stores or bulk stores.  I really was just like a kid in a candy store – so of course I just HAD to buy some – all in the name of creative "science" of course – LOL! 

Today’s tutorial is probably THE simplest Easter Treat you can possibly make.  The concept is nothing new – I believe it’s called a "matchbook" style of 3D item – I call it my "Easter Treat Matchbook" (very original I know…).  You can see where it gets it’s name, from the picture below:

A Good Egg

However, I made it with a twist – instead of holding just ONE treat, I decided to create something that held THREE treats. 

A Good Egg

The beauty of the Easter Treat Matchbook is that you can very easily customize it to fit whatever "flat"-ish treat you want to put inside – and I’ll tell you how, it my Step-by-Step Tutorial.  Hold, on – it’ll blow your socks off as it’s a HUGE tutorial…..all of 3 steps (…..gottcha!).  I’ve also included a  template which you can access HERE. This template is actually a worksheet to help you customize the size of your matchbook to your treat(s).

P.S. Sorry you’re getting this so late in the day – it’s been crazy pretty much since the weekend and my .pdf converter was giving me the gears with this template (sigh of frustration!) – so thank you for your patience.


Thank you so much for your support and encouragement in the previous post – your responses have really touched me and your encouragement has really blown me away.  You are ALL so awesome! 

Quick answer to a question about whether these classes are allowed to be sold on Etsy – I don’t know a lot about Etsy – even if the demonstrator is following my request that only the class handout be shared and not my main tutorial – the bottom line and the biggest issue as far as I’m concerned is that I don’t want these classes to be used in a way that violates Stampin’ Up! policy. Stampin’ Up! clearly states that we are not to sell SU merchandise on Internet Auction Sites or in permanent retail locations.  I’m not sure whether or not Etsy falls within those categories. 

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