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A Good Egg Easter slider 1

Today’s tutorial is for an Easter Treat Slider.  This idea has been around for quite awhile now and I’m not really sure whose original idea it was.  This is a really neat way to package your treat because as you gently pull upwards on the ribbon knot, the treat slides out of the pouch.  As you gently pull downwards on the ribbon knot, the treat slides back into the pouch.

The picture on the left shows the slider with the treat being pulled out.  I’ve put together a Step-by-Step tutorial to show you how I created this slider, along with the dimensions.  However, these dimensions will only work for a treat that is about 2" side x 5" high x just under 1/2" deep.  As with my Easter matchbook treat, I have created another template worksheet so that you can adapt this pattern to the size of YOUR treat.  You can accesss the template worskheet HERE.

 As part of the main tutorial, I have included a mini tutorial on "masking".  This was the technique I used to stamp the chicks and make it look like they were sitting one on top of the other. It’s a super easy technique! 

I really hope that you guys have been enjoying these tutorials.  It’s hard to believe that we’re already at Day 6 and there is only one more tutorial left to go. You can access all the tutorials from the TUTORIALS page. 

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