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Easter Centrepiece

I am really sorry that my very last tutorial for the Easter Tutorial Blitz ended up being a day late. Yesterday was one of those BEYOND crazy days. It was one of those days where everything seems to happen all at once, and despite the fact that all I wanted to do was lie in bed because of my strep throat, life goes on! 

Things were actually not going too badly until it was time for my monthly pre-natal appointment.  For the second month in a row my appointment was an hour late, then the appointment itself ended up being an hour long.  So I pretty much lost 2 full hours out of my day.  Then we had the Stamping 101 class that was the follow-up to our Total Woman Show last night and I was behind on preparing for that because my Easter Tutorial Blitz ended up taking way more time than I had anticipated.  And…well….let’s face it – I’m at fault here as I really could have started preparing earlier in the week but you know how it is….stamping, designing & creating is WAY more fun then getting ready for a class – LOL! 

Today’s tutorial is for this cute Easter Centrepiece.  I had a lot of fun making this project because it really didn’t take too much time.  It would certainly be a manageable project to do if you had a whole bunch of them to make.  The lollipop holders are nothing new, but I added my own little twist to them – a window.  Instead of spending all sorts of time decorating the outside of a standard CS lollipop holder, the Easter lollipops were so cute and colorful that I decided to let them speak for themselves.  To complement their colors I used various colors of the Prints Series Designer paper  – I chose different patterns to add visual variety and tied them shut with narrow white grosgrain ribbon.  I then arranged them in this cute little bucket I picked up at the dollar store along with some iridescent Easter "grass".  You can see the Step-by-Step tutorial HERE.

Well, I’m off to finish laundry and pack as we are planning on heading to Ottawa for March Break before the winter storm sets in (can you believe we’re expected to get 50 cm over the next few days?)!  I will be posting while I am away as I’m taking some things with me to work on.

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