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Remeber the other day when I mentioned in my post how happy I was to finally find 4 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ envelopes?  Well, my joy quickly evaporated when my order arrived yesterday.  Sure enough I was hit with a HUGE customs charge.  On an order that was a total value of $96 my fees were $44!  Isn’t that outrageous?! Half the cost of the envelopes themselves! Of that, $30 was a brokerage fee, the rest were Canadian taxes.   When I was talking to my regular UPS driver (you should have seen the look on the poor guys face – he actually looked as though he felt really bad for me and hated to have to collect – so sweet!)  he said that it’s because the item was shipped UPS, and that they charge very high brokerage fees.  He suggested that I either try and find my stuff locally, or if I have to order from the States, to ask that they ship it regular mail (USPS) rather than UPS.  So here’s a note to all of you Canadians that order from the States – be sure to look at their shipping method, and if it’s UPS then call the company and ask if they’ll ship it via USPS. 

 I was also referred by a blog reader to a Canadian company: which sells an amazing assortment of envelopes, boxes – you name it, at very good prices.  Thank you for the referral.  I did check them out and have ordered from them in the past (they are an excellent company), however they don’t carry that particular size.  The smallest square envelope they carry is 5 ” x 5″.

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