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I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  We drove to Ottawa on Friday morning to visit my parents (my sister Soph and her family also drove there).  We drove up in two vehicles – I was with the 5 kids, and my husband was in his car. It was the longest “good weather” drive we’ve ever had!  Normally, with little traffic and normal stops, it takes us about 5 hours.  On Friday, it took us 7 hours! 

About an hour into the drive, Matthew – our 4 year old starting complaining of feeling sick.  Not even 2 seconds after handing him a plastic bag “just in case” – he threw up! Thankfully at that point, he pretty much got it all in the bag – but a little on himself.  We did pull over in Scarborough to clean him up and then resumed our journey.  A few hours later, in Port Hope, he was again complaining of feeling ill again, so we pulled over at a McDonalds.  Mine, and my husband’s car were parked side by side.  My husband had just taken Matthew out of the van and closed the door, and Matthew threw up – all over himself and Todd – and because it was very windy – all over my van and Todd’s car.  It was pretty gross and it took us about an hour to get everyone cleaned up.

Thankfully he was fine for the rest of the weekend, and our drive home on Sunday was pretty uneventful. 

Today’s card is a relatively simple one, and I have to tell you – I really struggled with it.  Todd has been travelling a LOT recently (in fact he’s gone again this week) and Papa (my grandpa – who usually does all the driving to and from school and activities) is in Florida on vacation.  So needless to say, I’m just feeling burnt out – and I feel like it’s affecting me creatively – things are just taking so much longer to come together, and instead of feeling inspired, I just feel plain tired!

I think that once I get the kids in bed, I’m going to go to bed too – and hopefully I’ll feel more inspired and more ready to tackle the day tomorrow!

I’ll update this post with supplies tomorrow as I don’t have my catalogue handy and I’m in the middle of supervising baths and showers LOL.

Have a great night!

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