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Valentine's Day Card

 A few hours ago if you’d asked me, I would have probably said that this was the worst Valentine’s Day ever.   My husband and I were really unorganized this year and left things too late, as a result we weren’t able to get a babysitter. My husband called me from work , mentioned that he was driving his parents out to their dinner reservations, and suggested I meet him, and from there we’d take the kids out for dinner. Well guess what?  We hadn’t thought to make reservations.  So there I was, trying to get out the door, the baby was cranky, the two middle kids were arguing very loudly and I was running late.  All I could think was that the last thing in the world I wanted to do was take them out to dinner!  To top it all off, all the restaurants in the area either had all their tables reserved or had a 45 minute wait.  Teary-eyed, I resigned myself to Valentines dinner at McDonalds.  As I sat in the McDonald’s parking lot waiting for them (still sniffing and grumbling under my breath) my  husband called and told me that on his way there he had stopped at Boston Pizza and managed to get us a table.  It wasn’t a romantic dinner, and we still had all of the kids (thankfully not fighting) but as I looked around the table and saw the happiness on their faces I came to realize that  Valentines Day is not about what you do, but who you’re with (you’d think I’d have learned this by now – LOL – but sometimes it’s easy to forget!).  So let me ask you: have you told your loved ones how special they are to you today?

The card I’m sharing with you is a super easy one.  I didn’t have a lot of time to stamp today, but I wanted to have something to share with you all.  I want you all to know that I really appreciate YOU !  So Happy Valentine’s Day!

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