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I’m sure you’re all probably wondering where have all the posts gone?  If you read my “Envelope Update” post, you’re very familiar with the shock I received in paying huge brokerage fees for some envelopes I ordered in from the US.  Well, after I posted I received a number of lovely emails from various people – some of sympathy, some sharing similar stories, and some offers to help.  I made contact with a lovely lady who had emailed me, by the name of Jackie W. She lives just over the border near Buffalo, NY, and her husband works in Ontario about once a week.  It turns out her husband works 40 minutes from where I live and said he would not mind me picking up my shipments at his work.  How generous is that?  Talk about divine providence (LOL)!  After Jackie assured me that she didn’t mind receiving my orders from the States and sending them with her husband, I couldn’t help myself – I was sooooo excited, I just got carried away!  Sok ever since my last post, pretty much all my time online has been shopping!  The purchase that I am probably the most excited about is a Janome Sew Mini Machine!  I have been wanting to sew on my cards forever – but I only have a big clunky 35 year old Singer that’s a real hassle to take out and set up.  Best of all, when I purchased it, it was on sale (which unfortunately seems to have ended).  This machine sounds adorable – it works like a real sewing machine but its less than 5 lbs and is about 11″ wide x 9″ tall x 5″ deep.  I also ordered some mini composition books, some tins, a bit of ribbon and some paper.  Can you tell I went hog wild?  Poor Jackie!  I assured her that I wouldn’t normally shop like this.  These are all things I’ve been looking at for awhile, but they either wouldn’t ship to Canada, or the shipping was insanely expensive (as much as the products themselves!). Anyways, I’m due to pick up my stuff the week after next, so once I try my little machine, I’ll be sure to post and let you all know how it went!  So anyways, a BIG thank you to Jackie and her husband!

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