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About a week ago I was tagged by Patti Chesky from A Touch from the Heart and then just a couple of days ago, I was tagged by Sophia Landry from Moonlight Inker

The rules of the game are to list 7 things about yourself and then tag 7 others.  I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and use my one post to answer both tags (ha, ha!)

  1. I hate to clean & I love to talk on the phone.  What do the 2 have in common?  Well, every time I have to do a “chore” around the house I pick up the phone and call a friend. That way not only do I get to engage in pleasant conversation, but it takes my mind of the task at hand and makes it go quicker.  So whenever my husband complains that he can’t get a hold of me on the phone, I tell him I’ve been busy cleaning.
  2.  I’m  a speed reader – I can read your typical sized novel in an afternoon – easily!
  3. I love to re-read books over and over again.
  4. I love to read so much that I haven’t picked up a new book in well over a year.  Sounds like a contradiction doesn’t it?  Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved books.  However, I have a major problem with books, and that is that once I start a book, I can’t put it down until I’m done. Which means NOTHING in the house gets done and the kids run wild eating cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner (since they can serve themselves) while I am totally oblivious.  My solution?  Until I have free time (yah right!) I only read books that I have read before, or magazines (since the articles are short) – that way I’m able to put it down and do what needs to be done.
  5. I have to know the ending of a movie before I watch it – this predominantly applies to “dramatic”-type movies.  I want to know what characters are going to die so that I can make sure I don’t get too attached to them.  Also, if I don’t like the ending, then I won’t bother watching the movie. Pretty silly huh?
  6. I’m a candy junkie – my favourite?  Fun Dip!
  7. The older I get, the pickier I get.  I thought that as I got older my culinary tastes would expand.  Instead, the opposite seems to be happening.  When I was 4, I ate raw oysters with lemon on a beach in Acapulco with my grandpa, now? – wouldn’t touch them.  As a young adult I loved escargot – now?  it makes me queasy to even think about it.  Mind you, my aversion started when I was reading a recipe on how to prepare escargot and in the instructions it said that if you were preparing them fresh, to make sure you kept your snails in a covered dish so they didn’t escape.  The mental picture of my appetizer crawling away on the counter did me in!

Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know a bit of my quirkier side.  Now to tag a few others:

Hope you’ll play along!

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