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I’ve had the priviledge of being tagged by Amy Celona from Stampin’ On – who by the way is my blog designer.  I have to tell you, she’s an awful lot of fun to talk to on the phone!  Anyways, I need share 7 things about myself and tag 7 blogs, so here goes:

  1. My favourite thing to do in the morning when I wake up is to grab myself a cup of coffee, check my emails and peruse my favourite blogs. 
  2. I’m a coffee snob!  When I was in University, I lived with my grandparents, who are Hungarian.  They consider your typical cup of coffee to be no more than “dirty water”, so they make their coffee using an expresso machine.  Consequently I got used to drinking latte’s – strong coffee with LOTS of heated milk. Now, that’s pretty much all I’ll drink, which has it’s downsides because I can’t just buy an average $1.25 cup of coffee because I don’t like the taste, noooo, I need to pay $3.75 for my coffee!
  3. After 4 kids and about 4 years of not exercising I finally joined a gym. Now, I *really* don’t like exercising, so I hired a personal trainer for 12 sessions to get me going.  I’ve been going for 1 month now, and am finding that I’m actually starting to like it!
  4. I hate to clean!  Before I started my Stampin’ Up! business I didn’t mind it too much.  Ever since I started stamping, it’s gotten progressively worse. Every time I would even start to think about cleaning, I would suddenly feel the urge to stamp! My solution?  I hired a cleaning lady!
  5. My husband and I have NEVER been on a vacation without the kids, since we’ve been married (ie. in the last 12 years).  Isn’t that awful?  It’s pretty hard though, to find someone that will take all our kids. 
  6. I grew up in Ottawa and absolutely loved it!  It is probably the “greenest” city that I have been in.  It’s a great place to be if you love doing outdoor things: there are rivers to canoe in, bike paths all over the city, downhill skiing is close by, etc.
  7. I took English horseback riding lessons for about 7 years, and even started to ride competitively, until my allergies to horses got so bad that I spend more time sneezing than riding.

Anyways, that gives you a bit of a glimpse of me.  Now, to tag seven blogs:  this was kind of hard because most of the blogs I read regularly have been repeatedly tagged. Some (but by no means all) of my favourites are:

  1. Oodabug Alley
  2. Stamp a Little Love Baby
  3. The Occasional Stamper
  4. Fresh and Fun
  5. Heartfelt Greetings
  6. Stampin’ Gal Val
  7. Mish Mash

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