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It looks like the baby has finally decided that it might just be time to make an appearance! Since about 2 AM EST I’ve been feeling contractions – on and off.  Sometimes regular and strong for several hours at a time (every 10 minutes), and at other times very sporadic (every hour or so).  It’s definately been a looooong day. It seems that at least for me, it doesn’t matter that my body has been through this 4 times already – it’s never gotten much quicker. I’m just not one of those "barely make it to the hospital on time, and you’d better not sneeze on the way" type of gals *lol*.

 It’s now 8:30 pm EST and as my contractions have started picking up again over the last hour, and are stronger than they’ve been all day, and closer together, I suspect that we’ll be heading to the hospital fairly soon.  As I mentioned in my blog post Saturday, I have posts already scheduled to come out pretty much every day this week and next – so they’ll be plenty of things to keep your creative juices flowing until I’m back from the hospital.  Don’t forget – once I’m home I’ll be posting a picture & a birth announcement and a HUGE blog give-away you won’t want to miss!

So wish me luck, and please say a prayer for me that everything goes smoothly! 

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