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Stampin' Up! Rub On

Are you a rub-on newbie? I was until this past January at Stampin’ Up! Leadership Convention.  Now I think they’re the neatest things ever.  I especially love the fact that you’re not limited to using them on paper – you can use a high-quality rub-on like Stampin’  Up!’s on all sorts of surfaces.  I decided to put that to the test with this cute little Easter treat jar I made as one of the projects for my Stamper’s Club.  Since rub-on’s are fairly new to me, I figured there are probably others of you out there for whom rub-ons are fairly new as well, so I decided to put together a quick little tutorial on using them on glass.

Step 1:  First thing you want to do is make sure your glass is clean – any dust or grease on the surface could affect the ability of the rub-on to adhere.  For my project I used the new rub-ons that are exclusively a part of Stampin’ Up!’s Demo -only Bulk Buying program. The package comes with the images shown with 2 sheets in black and 2 sheets in white. For my project I used the white.

Stampin' Up! Rub-on Tutorial Pic 1


Step 2:  Carefully cut out the image that you are planning on using for your project. Peel off the backing.  Position the image rub-on side down onto your project.  Carefully run your finger over it back and forth to help it stay in place on your project.  Because the surface of the glass is curved you’re going to need to make sure you don’t ever completely let go of it once you’ve done that step.

Stampin' Up! Rub On Pic 3


Step 3:  Take you popsicle stick, hold it at about a 45 degree angle and rub all over the image (you need a decent amount of pressure when you’re doing this).  As the rub-on starts to adhere to the glass it will seem to become a bit more transparent through the paper.

Stampin' Up! Rub on Pic 4


Step 4: Keep one finger on your rub on to hold it in place and keep it from shifting.  Using your other hand to gently  and slowly start peeling the backing away from the image (the picture doesn’t show this because I needed my other hand to take the picture). If you notice the image sticking in any place, carefully replace the backing and use your popsicle stick to rub the image on completely.  Repeat this process if necessary until your image is completely adhered to the surface.

Stampin Up Rub On pic 5


Step 5: Here is what it looks like.

stampin up pic 6


Step 6: Fill your jar with desired treats.  Place sticky strip as shown in the picture around the rim of the jar. Remove red backing and carefully start sticking on your ribbon. Before you do this, start by folding your ribbon in half to mark the center, then start by sticking the center at the back of the jar, opposite to where you want to tie the knot.  See pic. 7 to see where I positioned the knot.

Stampin Up Rub on Pic 7


Step 7:  Tie only a half knot in the ribbon to start with.  Stamp "for you" from the All Holidays stamp set in black ink onto a scrap of Wasabi CS.  Punch out using the large oval punch.  Sponge the edges with Wasabi ink.  Punch a small hole using the 1/16" handheld circle punch in the top of the oval tag.  Slide in a 6" piece of silver cord, tie in a knot, then slide the loop over the right end of the Wasabi double-stitched ribbon.  Finish tying your knot in the Wasabi ribbon.  See the first picture for the finished product.

Stampin Up Rub on pic 7


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