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I just wanted to post a quick correction to the Easter Treat Slider Tutorial.  As I was driving home from an appointment this evening it all of a sudden occured to me that I made a mistake on my TEMPLATE WORKSHEET with the ribbon length you need  (can you tell, I’m always thinking about stamping? – LOL!).  The worksheet says that you need the treat height + another 6".  That is wrong. 

Ribbon length = double the treat height + 6"

I will go back and correct the template tomorrow.  Sorry I’m not doing it now but it’s 9:30 pm and after feeling run down for the last couple of weeks I’ve developed a case of strep throat – so I feel just about ready to fall over right now and don’t have the patience to fiddle with my pdf converter (it’s been giving me the gears!).  But, I did at least want to hopefully keep a few of you late night stampers from cutting the wrong ribbon length.

Stay tuned tomorrow afternoon for my last tutorial in my 7 day Easter Project Tutorial Blitz!

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