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I can’t tell you how embarrasing it is to have to say this, but can you believe I forgot to ask someone to be my Featured Stampin’ Up! Artist of the Week?  Somehow the week snuck by on me and all of a sudden here we are on Friday and I have nothing to share with you!  My sincere apologies. 

I have this theory that with every pregnancy you lose about 25% of your brain capacity.  As we are expecting our 5th I figure that at this point I’m running on empty  – *lol*! Although I know that’s not really possible, there are some days where it sure seems that way!  Even my husband says that he has never seen me as forgetful as I am this time round.  Just to give you an example, the other day I was up and down the stairs 5 times and each time I forgot my original purpose for going downstairs and did something else.  It wasn’t until the 6th time down that I finally remembered I had wanted to go to our storage area to get a big pot to boil the spaghetti in (and that was with the spaghetti noodles in plain view on the kitchen counter in front of me)!

I will be emailing my next week’s Featured Stampin’ Up! artist this morning, so I promise I WILL have one next Friday.  In the meantime I haven’t forgotten about Simply Stamped Saturday and I will have something to share. 

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