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Stampin' Up! Video Tutorial | Butterfly Thank You Card by Andrea Walford

To I wanted to share one of my all-time favourite cards with you.  It’s one I made a little over a year ago over on Paper Crafter’s Library for one of my Creative Inspiration Collections.  I love it because the look and feel is so totally me – bright vibrant colors with the bold contrast provided by the black die cut and sentiment.

Unfortunately the stamp set that the sentiment comes from (Another Thank You) is now retired – and even more unfortunately,  I sold mine when I downsized my studio space.  It actually wasn’t so much the fact that I downsized, but rather I was in that “purging” mindset.

At that time in my life I was pretty burnt out with the whole card making end of things after creating 50+ cards a month between Paper Crafter’s Library, blogging and online classes for about 5 years straight.  At the time that I decided to go offline, I had completely lost interest, and when I hadn’t touched my card making stuff for 6 months, I figured that it must mean it was time to let it go.  So, into boxes it went, and off to Kijiji.

ALL of my Stampin’ Up! stuff included – punches, dies and stamps. All I kept were my ink pads and the tools (Big Shot, trimmer, heat tool etc.). Gone.

Boy am I sorry for being so hasty! Little did I know that another 6 months later, and I would be back to making cards.

You know, as much as I love creating my mixed media artwork – it’s not fast.  In fact each piece is pretty time-consuming.

Card design on the other hand, has always come quickly and easily for me.  It’s relaxing, I never over-think my designs, and in less than an hour I will have several cards created.  Because I have to squeeze my creative time around my family – mostly my grandpa and the kids – I often only have small blocks of time in which I can create. So it’s easier for me to create cards.

You can watch the video tutorial for this card below (please refresh the page if you don’t see it).

Download a PDF Handout

Do you prefer to have some printed instructions by your side while you create? Click the button below to download the PDF handout for this project. The PDF includes a full supply list, dimensions of all CS & paper pieces used, as well as step-by-step instructions. ETA: PDF Handout no longer available.

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