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I have just about had it! Tonight…..I WILL drag my stamping table in from the garage, haul out my stamping supplies from the laundry room……and stamp!   I am suffering so badly from stamp withdrawal that my husband just may come home tonight and find me catatonic on the floor if I don’t do something about it – *lol*!  I have some ideas of what I want to do for Stamp Simply Saturday, so that is what I’ll be doing tonight.

I also really wanted to take a minute to thank all of you – my blog readers –  for your emails of encouragement and for your patience with my unpredictable blog posting over the last few weeks.  As you know, I’ve been involved with lots of different things going on in both my personal and business life, so it’s been a real struggle to maintain even a semblance of consistency in my life.  Sometimes it’s just so hard to balance everything! 



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