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I am always amazed at how quickly time seems to pass.  I remember as a child my dad used talk about time flying, which I could never understand because for me, time seemed to go sooooooo slowly.  I was always looking forward to something, or in such a rush for the next exciting adventure to come along.  Now that I’m an adult I totally get where my dad was coming from.  Time seems to pass in a blink – one day merging into the next.  The beginning of the school year, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter – it really doesn’t feel all that long ago, and now, here we are near the end of our second official week of summer, and once again I’ve just realized that it’s been over a week and a half since my last post.  In the last week and a half an awful lot has happened, so I thought I’d update you all.

First off, I’ve had many emails asking about Zach and I want to thank you for that.  I took him to the pediatrician and he seemed to think that it was some inflammation resulting from pressure from his shoe on the bones at the side of his foot. Which makes sense, but at the same time doesn’t because Zach’s problems with his foot have been coming and going for the last year.  So what could have changed? I’m going to be looking into taking him to a podiatrist to see if maybe he can give me some further insight.  I’m happy that it doesn’t seem to be a serious issue from what two doctor’s have told me so far, but I want to be on the safe side.

This past weekend since we didn’t have football (my second son is on a travel football team), Todd and I decided on a little getaway to Toronto.  We left after work and spent Friday night, all day Saturday and then Sunday morning in Toronto.  Toronto is only about an hour away from us – so close to travel to – but has tons of stuff to keep us busy.  We usually try to plan 2-3 getaway weekends in Toronto sans kids. Let me tell you, with all the stress that’s been in our life since the beginning of March we really needed it….in fact, I could have stayed longer….but, something is better than nothing right?

Saturday was our big adventure day.  We were up and at it pretty early – we left the hotel around 8 am and headed to our favourite Starbucks on Queen Street.  There’s always so much to look at – Todd and I both enjoy “people watching” and there all sorts of interesting characters on Queen Street.


After coffee we took a walk into Chinatown – Toronto has a huge Chinese community and it really is like stepping right into another country.


It was a little disconcerting to see a pigeon walking all over the food and produce.


From there we down some of the little side streets looking at the houses and came across a super unique house.  It was quite obvious the owners had torn down the original home and completely rebuilt. We would have loved to see what the inside looked like!


After that we headed to the Art Gallery of Ontario.


It was my first time there and I fell in love with a lot of artists whose work I had never seen before.  Here were some of my favourites:


Those numbered 1 through 4 are by Lawren S. Harris (from the Group of 7 Artists).  Painting number 5 is by William Kurelek and painting number 6 is by AY Jackson.  We stayed at the art gallery until lunch and then went to Jack Astor’s for lunch.  It was a neat set up they had because it looks like they bought a few side by side houses and then renovated them to create the restaurant.


After lunch we walked down to Harbourfront – what you are seeing in the pictures is Lake Ontario .  Last time we were in Harbourfront was about 20 years ago – when Todd and I were dating, and then in the early years of our marriage.  We took sailing lessons a couple of summers in a row – which we loved.  I was very surprised to see how much it had changed.  The picture you see below is a little beach – although you don’t actually access the water from here.


There are a couple of marina’s. At the grandstand that you can see near the top left, there as a breakdance competition going on which we watched for awhile.


After that we decided to take a boat tour of the harbour in a little flat topped boat:


Here’s a picture of the shoreline and the CN tower from the boat.  The CN tower used to be the tallest building in the world, now it’s the second tallest after a building in Dubai.


We got of on Toronto Island and spent about an hour there.  It had a cute little amusement park, a regular park, picnic areas, beaches – it was unbelievable. We’re planning on going back with the kids this summer.

The rest of our weekend involved dinner, relaxing and a lot more walking around before heading home.

Monday of course was Canada Day.  We took the kids to the Canada Day parade in the afternoon which was here in Cambridge.  Now Cambridge isn’t a big city by any means but apparently we have the largest Canada Day parade in all of Canada.  We try to take the kids every year and they always love it.




Then of course there were the fireworks at night (which I didn’t get pictures of).  It was Sam and Matthew’s first time at the fireworks and they were mesmerized, although Sam (my 4 year old) had just about fallen asleep right before they started.

Since then, the rest of the week has pretty much been a blur.  Every morning I’m at the gym for about 2 hours (from 7 to 9 am), and then come straight home to work in my studio.  This week’s work has been doing some filming for and getting the Brayering classes ready.  I’ll be releasing two classes pretty soon – Brayering 101 Online Class and the Beautiful Brayer Online Class (an advanced class).  The Brayering 101 class started for PCL members this week, but we’re in the process of creating a self-paced workshop format that we’ll be opening for registration within the next few weeks.

Thoughts on the Update to Stampin’ Up! Policy

On another note – I’ve received a number of emails about revisions to Stampin’ Up! Demonstator Policy regarding competitive activities. Specifically this paragraph:

Instead of restricting the overall promoting, marketing, and selling of competitive products (defined as decorative stamps in any form, stamp art accessories, paper-crafting products, scrapbooking products, and digital art solutions), demonstrators will now only be prohibited from receiving direct compensation in any form from a company or entity for promoting, marketing, or selling products or services that are competitive to Stampin’ Up! This means that, as a demonstrator, you may use, display, discuss, or provide information regarding any products you like through your electronic communications (e-mail, social networks, blogs, websites, etc), as long as you are not receiving compensation for doing so.

I’ve actually emailed Stampin’ Up! to find out whether or not I would be allowed to rejoin.

From the sounds of the first sentence, because my work with non-SU products in PCL receives no compensation in any form from competitive companies, I should be okay. 

But….from the second sentence where it says that “…as a demonstrator you may….provide information regarding any products you like……as long as you are not receiving compensation”…..I’m wondering.  It would depend on whether Stampin’ Up! considers PCL (Paper Crafter’s Library) to be a competitive entity. Common sense would say no – because it’s not really an entity per se, and I receive no compensation from the companies that manufacture the competitive products that I use. PCL is more like an online class – but in a different format from online classes – ongoing education rather than topic or class specific. Who really knows though – I just figure I’d rather ask ahead of time, and get confirmation in writing, before I consider whether it’s the right decision for me to go back.


So there you have it….that’s what’s been going in around here.  I’ll be back soon with some actual projects to share with you.





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