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Coaster Post-It Note Tutorial

June post it note holder 

This is a cute little post-it note holder which uses 4" x 4" coasters to create the front and back cover.  I saw the idea on Splitcoast stampers, but couldn’t find a tutorial, so I blundered through it, taking pictures all the while, in the hopes that if it turned out, I’d have a tutorial to post for you.  So, here it is! Supplies: – two 4" x 4" coasters – two sheets of 6" x 6" designer paper – a sheet of cardstock cut at 7-15/16" by 3-3/4" – craft ink to match the designer paper – sticky tape.

Step 1:  Score both your sheets of  designer paper at 1" on all four sides

Post it Pic 1 

Step 2: Fold along all the score lines, then cut out the corners as shown above

Post it Pic 2 

Step 3: Working at each of the corners, fold in each flap so that it is flush with the score line as shown in the picture above

Post it pic 3 

Step 4: In the same was as in step 3, fold in all the corners as shown above.

Post it Pic 4 

Step 5: Cut off all of the little corner flaps that you folded using your paper trimmer.Post it pic 5 

Step 6: This is what your designer paper should look like after all the corners have been cut off. Post it pic 6

Step 7:  Ink up the corners of each coaster using the craft ink 
Post it Pic 7 
Step 8: Tape the coaster to the center of the designer paper and start folding over the edges. Tape the edges down using Sticky Strip.Post it Pic 8 

 Step 9 :This is what your coaster should like with all the ends folded up.
Post it pic 9

Step 10: Take your cardstock piece and score at 3-13/16", flip to the other side and do the same (basically on both sides you are scoring from the outer edge in). Fold along the score lines. 
Post it Pic 10 

Step 11: Center one of the sides onto one of the coasters, attach using double sided tape or sticky stripPost it Pic 11 

Step 12: Center the othe side of the cardstock to the second coaster.  Your holder is now completePost it pic 12

Step 13:  Attach the post it note to the center of one of the coasters using sticky tape.  Your project is now ready to be decorated as you desire. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
Post It Pic 13

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