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Andrea Walford Blog Home PageWell, it’s not perfect. In fact it’s far from ready – but it’s mine, and I love it!  Yes, I’m talking about my “new”/”old” blog!  “Old” because this domain was the home of my original blog when I ventured online for the very first time waaaaay back in 2006. And it continued to be my online home all the way up until about 2012, when I somehow got hacked or got a virus (who really knows) and I pretty much lost everything.  Yep, everything. All my content, all my posts, all my creations. Gone.  ETA (Feb 7) : my sweet friend and go-to-web expert was able to restore everything so it is all here!

Then from about 2011 until the end of 2015 I had several online homes –,, and for a time  Each blog was the result of it’s own vision, and each had it’s own purpose.

I’m sure you can already guess what a disaster that was. I have no idea what on earth I was thinking. Who can be in that many places at once?

Which brings me to this blog.  My “new” blog.  I’m back again on and this time, it’s to stay.  Everything I do will be posted here. And I mean EVERYTHING.

That means that you’ll be seeing my Stampin’ Up! creations (yes, I am once again a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator), my mixed media creations, my digital creations, any scrapbooking or 3D papercrafting I do……In fact, I’ve already migrated my posts from the Sunny Stampin’ blog and the Andrea Walford Designs blog here. I’ll be adding in some of my older content as well (eventually).

But it won’t JUST be that. I finally came to terms with the fact that I am not a “one track” person.  I know it goes against everything that current online business wisdom dictates, but I’m just not an in-the-box person.

I have way too many interests, way too many passions, and way too many curiosities.  If I see something that piques my interest, down the rabbit hole I go.

Cooking, developing recipes, photography, gardening, poetry, pursuing clean living, health & nutrition, philosophizing about faith, life, meaning and our greater purpose on earth – these are all thrown into the mix of “me” – of who I am – so you’ll be seeing that too.

Life is a beautiful & wild adventure – won’t you join me?

P.S. If you want to keep hearing from me please be sure to sign up for my new email newsletter in the right-hand sidebar. I had to shut down my old email services when I went offline, so you may no longer be on my email list!


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