Although it’s been kind of quiet on this blog lately, I’ve actually been doing quite a bit of creating “behind the scenes”.  One of my latest endeavours is Club 52 – a year long technique club that I created for Paper Crafter’s Library members as a free benefit of their membership.  I have also launched this as a year-long online class, for non-members, which anyone can sign up for.  You can read a lot more about it from THIS page here.

We’re currently into the second week of the club, and I’ll be releasing the Week 3 technique on Wednesday.  Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve done so far:

Week 1, I introduced a technique I call the Swiped Background Technique – and there are 3 different variations of it – a one color, two color and three color variation.  You can see a sample below:

For Week 2, I introduced a technique I call the Blended Background technique – and there are two variations – a Pressed and Blended Background technique and a Dragged and Blended technique.  You can see a sample below:

I’m pretty excited about this class because I love techniques, and I love coming up with new ones.

A couple of other things:

 Calendar & Note Pads & Red Liner Tape (aka, Sticky Strip)

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter into our draw for the 2012 Calendar and Note Pad tins – I’m going to announce the winners tomorrow. and if you’re interested, don’t forget to order your bundles.  All the information is in this post.

I already placed my Calendar and Note Pad order with the printer, but I did order a few extra, so if you missed out, they are still available on a first come first serve basis.  Once they are gone, they’ll be gone until 2013.

Sticky Strip is starting to ship out tomorrow afternoon. If you haven’t ordered yours and would like some, please do so before Wednesday, because as of Wednesday noon EST, the price is going up (our manufacturer notified us that our cost is going up). For more information click HERE.