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I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already!  At the moment I don’t have a Whatever Wednesday post to share with you as I haven’t had the time to even get into my stamp room since the Tutorial Tuesday post – I know, scandalous isn’t it *lol*? 

My husband has only been home for a day and half since last Sunday as he’s been away on business, and the rest of the month promises to be the same – he’s travelling every week this month!  For those of you that have been kind enough to ask, no, my house hasn’t sold yet.  We’ve officially been on the market for 4 weeks, we’ve had lots of showings (had 2 today!) but unfortunately no offers.  The worst part is that the feedback from the real estate agents showing the house (and their clients) is that they really like it & it’s priced well, but just not quite what they’re looking for.  I keep telling myself to hang in there and that the right people haven’t come along, and it’s just not the right timing (as we’re hoping for an end of September closing), but let me tell you, having to spend 2 hours a day keeping a house with 4 kids in it tidy, is no picnic! 

If I’m able to get into my stamp room later today and have a chance to make something I’ll be sure to post but please don’t hold your breath okay – *grin*?

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